The Quora Partner Program is a great way to make money if you ask the right questions. If you’d like to know how to make money on the Quora Partner Program, our guide will explain how to generate a great passive income by simply asking questions.

So, How To Make Money On Quora Partner Program?

The Quora Partner Program is an invite-only platform for Quora users whose questions receive high impressions. Popular questions are highly sought after by advertisers, and Quro offers a high CPM for users who ask questions that generate high view counts.

So, if you’re looking for an easy way to make money, Quora’s Partner Program can generate a great passive income if you put the time and effort into finding questions that attract huge audiences.

This article will help you understand the Quora Partner Program and provide a few tips on how to ask the best questions.

How To Make Money On Quora Partner Program?

How The Quora Partner Program Works

In the Quora Partner Program, Quora will pay you for the questions that you ask on their platform. The traffic volume determines the revenues your questions generate on Quora – it doesn’t matter how many questions you ask. Ten perfect questions can easily earn more money than 1,000 bad questions.

However, you can only join the Quora Partner Program by invitation, so you have to generate a sufficient amount of traffic on Quora for free.

Even though Quora doesn’t specify the metrics they use to identify high-traffic users, most sources agree that your questions need to have attracted at least 100,000 views, but some people have been invited with as little as 55,000.

Once you get your Quora Partner invitation, they will pay you money based on the traffic that you generate on their website.

Quora makes their money through advertising placed on the web page featuring your question. And, as the partner who asked the question, you will earn a small percentage of that revenue.

You can submit your questions, check your earnings and get topic suggestions through the Quora Partner Program dashboard.

This gives you insights into your questions and how well they perform in terms of views and ad impressions.

Can You Make A Full-Time Living With The Quora Partner Program?

Quora Partner Program users can make as much as $20,000 per month on Quora. But as the Partner Program expands, proceeds are diminishing, and it may not provide enough money if you take it on full-time, asking hundreds of questions a day.

A Quora question will need a certain number of views to qualify for monetization, but you earn money off it once it does. You need to earn a minimum of $10 to be paid out.

So, if you’re asking hundreds of questions every day and they’re getting very few views, you may only end up making a few cents per article. For example, one new user wrote about 300-400 questions in two to three hours and made $64 over a month, which works out to about $21-$32 per hour.

In the United States. The median wage for workers in the United States in 2020 was $16.36 per hour, and the minimum wage in 2022 is set at $7.25. So, by those metrics, working full-time with the Quora Partner Program could be enough to earn a reasonable income.

However, please don’t fool yourself into believing that it’s easy to ask questions that generate high traffic volumes. If you want to earn a good living through Quora’s Partner Program, you have to do your research and curate the questions that people want answers to and, importantly, that Popular Writers will answer.

Tips For Making More Money on The Quora Partner Program

Before we go into some critical tips for curating the best questions on Quora, you should know that there are two types of questions that you should be targeting: short-lived, viral questions, and evergreen questions from organic traffic.

Short-lived, viral questions are the questions that are relevant to real-world current affairs or online trends (i.e., questions related to blockbuster movies, sporting events, or daily news). These questions will generate large traffic volumes, but the traffic will drop off after a few days.

For example, evergreen questions from organic traffic (or external traffic) generate traffic from Google searches. They are questions that have value in the long term and aren’t time-dependent. They are the questions that will earn a “passive” income and generate consistently high traffic volumes.

These questions may be niche questions covering topics like home DIY, relationship advice, and things of that nature that many people will search for. However, note that Quora will only pay out your share in the revenues for a year, so don’t depend on earning those revenues forever.

So, now that you know what kinds of questions you should be asking, here are a few tips for narrowing down the best ones.

1.   Direct Questions Towards Quora Users

You should ask user-directed questions, and you should take on their perspective. If something is happening in the news, ask questions about that specific event.

For example, ask questions related to a global event that is specific and that most people may not know about.

Or, if you’re thinking about a niche audience like coffee drinkers, what do they want to know about coffee? “What’s the best way to brew a cappuccino?” People from all over the world will consistently ask questions of those nature over time, and, for a year at least, you will be able to make money every time somebody googles that question.

Due to Quora’s high domain authority, if you ask the right questions and get great answers, your question is bound to show up on the first page of Google.

2.   Keyword Research

Quro pays a high CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions) for questions that get high organic traffic levels. Use Google Trends to analyze what new questions people will be asking on Google.

After finding a topic, take some time to consider how people will search in a question on Google.

Keep up with the latest trending searches to formulate short-lived viral questions. This can include questions about everything from celebrity culture to sporting events.

3.   Link Questions To A Medium Article

In the same way that Quora rewards you from generating high volumes of traffic from Google searches, traffic from outbound links in blog posts on websites like Medium will yield great revenues.

So, if you have a question that you can further unpack, answer it yourself in long-form on Medium, which, like Quora, also generates a lot of organic traffic.

When you write a blog post on Medium, simply link to the Question you asked to direct any readers to Quora, and you stand a good chance of generating a lot of traffic. It will also help you with evergreen questions on niche topics.

4.   Ask More Questions

The official Quora team suggests that you ask higher quantities of questions to generate more views. If you ask enough questions that get enough views to be monetized, the sheer quantity will multiply your earnings.

If you write 1,000 questions every month, even if each question only earns $0.10 over that month, you’re making $100.

However, remember that you have a 25 request quota per day, so you need to choose the best questions to request answers from popular writers – the rest will go into the wilderness and receive very little traction.

5.   Target Niches

Don’t ask broad questions or questions over a broad range of topics, but ask questions geared towards the same niche audience.

Target the niches where there is a lot of interest from users, such as Startups, business advice, and technology.

If you want to generate a lot of traffic from within Quora itself, you need to get the best answers to your questions, which means that you should try to get the most popular writers to answer your questions.

Even a four-line answer to your question from a very popular writer can help you to reach thousands of views. Beyond that, more people will answer your question when popular writers answer them.

7.   Take An Advertiser’s Perspective

Remember where the money comes from – not Quora, but the advertisers. So, you should curate your questions to make them appeal to the most relevant advertisers by targeting keywords or topics in which only a specific ad will be displayed.

For example, if you have a clothing brand running a campaign on Quora, they might choose to only show their ads on questions that have “fashion” or “men’s shoes”. They will do this so that their advertisements only reach users asking questions related to their products.

Someone interested in fashion that wants to know about men’s shoes has a higher chance of buying their products.

So, if you ask a question like, “which men’s shoes are in fashion this year?” the people that look for answers to the question may be attracted to an advertisement for a sale on men’s shoes.

In other words, your ad impressions could turn into more conversions – where a user clicks on the ad and buys a product. High conversions yield higher revenues per impression.

So, a Quora question that includes a specific keyword will yield a higher CPM than one without that keyword.

8.   Leverage Google

The great thing about asking questions on Quora is that Quora has a great Domain Rating, which means that your curated question is very likely to show up on the first page of Google. And, because Google is so ubiquitous and has more than four billion users, you can leverage many techniques to leverage and exploit the Google algorithm.

These Google “hacks” are known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is a very broad field that extends far beyond just content. It also requires page speed optimization, site design, and mobile friendliness.

However, you only need to create highly relevant, rich content because you aren’t running Quora’s website.

The answers also determine the content quality, so you only stand to benefit from long answers that include outbound links, embedded media, etc.

So, if you want to earn high revenues by generating large traffic volumes and attracting niche audiences that are more likely to buy advertisers’ products, use Google to your advantage and spend some time curating your questions so that they can pick up lots of traffic through its algorithm.

9.   Only Select Relevant Topics

Before posting a new question on Quora, you will have some basic checklists for the topics that describe your question.

You should only select the relevant topics because you will get low-quality engagement if your questions show up under topics that it isn’t related to.

10.  Ensure Your Question Hasn’t Already Been Asked

Before you submit your question on the Quora Partner Program, make sure that another user hasn’t already asked the question you’re asking. If it has, Quora will probably merge it with the earlier question, and you will be generating traffic for the other user and reap none of the rewards for yourself.


If you’re looking for a great way to make money online, the Quora Partner Program can yield returns of thousands of dollars per month if you know what you’re doing.

However, it is a risk to commit to taking it on full-time and forgo your other income sources because poor quality questions will make very little to no money.

But, if you use smart strategies, such as using keyword research and writing Medium posts about your question, to generate traffic, you stand to make a lot of money with Quora.

And the great news is that, once you’ve gotten the hang of these strategies, it starts to feel effortless, and you could make a full-time living by simply asking questions!


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