Discord’s paid membership package, Discord Nitro, allows users to access custom emojis, upload bigger files, boost their servers, and use many other great features.

But at $10 a month, it can be pretty pricey.

So, can you use a fake credit card for Discord Nitro and get your first three months free without being charged?

Can You Use A Fake Credit Card For Discord Nitro?

You can use a fake credit card for Discord Nitro, and you will be able to enjoy a three-month subscription for free. However, it is not advisable to do so because it’s technically fraud, and Discord may ban your account if they discover you’re using fake credit card details.

So, if you want to find out how to get a free Discord Nitro subscription using a fake credit card and why it may be a bad idea, this article has all the details you need.

Note: Occupy cooperative does not encourage any illegal activity. This article is for educational purposes only.

Can You Use A Fake Credit Card For Discord Nitro?

How To Use A Fake Credit Card For Discord Nitro

Disord has allowed its users to enjoy an even better experience of their platform, with multiple profiles, more backgrounds, profiles styles, access to unique stickers, animate emojis, server boosts, badges, HD video, bigger file uploads, longer messages, and extra servers, all made available through a paid membership to Discord Nitro.

And, as is the case with many other paid subscriptions, Discord has offered the first three months of a Discord Nitro subscription for free to new users.

However, it has left the platform open to exploitation because people can use fake credit card numbers.

The purpose behind these three-month trial subscriptions is to lure users in and onboard them as paid subscribers once the three-month trial ends.

However, users have found a way to get around this by using fake credit card numbers acquired from credit card number generators or other discord users in chat servers.

Therefore, by opening “user settings”, you can click on the Discord Nitro tab, subscribe and enter the fake credit card number as your payment method.

And, because the platform will conduct the transaction on a fake card, you won’t have to pay a dime while still getting your full three-month trial.

However, you may be concerned about the legal consequences.

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According to the Department of Justice, using a fake credit card is considered fraud, and you could face legal consequences for using a fake credit card for Discord Nitro.

However, it is highly unlikely that Discord will track down each individual simply due to the sheer costs of a legal battle of that scale.

However, as one Reddit user reported, Discord is likely to ban any users that use the fake credit card method or at least disable their accounts.

And, if you have created multiple accounts to get a free subscription to Discord Nitro, the chances of Discord disabling or banning your account will be even higher.

For Discord, whose user base is primarily young teenagers who don’t have access to credit cards, simply banning every account that declines a transaction at the end of the free trial would be counterproductive because they’ll lose far too many users.

However, Discord will target the users who have created two, five, ten, or even hundreds of accounts on a single IP address and the fake credit card method for Discord Nitro trials.

These users cost them resources but won’t make up most of their user base.

The good news is that if you’ve already used a fake credit card for Discord Nitro, you can get yourself off the hook.

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The Solution To Discord Banning Fake Credit Card Nitro Users

So, by using a fake credit card for Discord Nitro, you’ve put your account at risk and could be facing a ban. How do you get out of this sticky situation?

In June 2021, news circulated that people who got the free Epic Games Discord Nitro from fake cards would receive bans, and users have since found a solution.

Click the Settings button next to your profile and open the user settings page. Open the “Billing” tab and remove the payment method.

This option isn’t available for some users, but you can go to the “Subscriptions” tab and cancel your subscription to Nitro. Don’t worry; it won’t go away.

Now go back to “Billings” and delete your payment method. You will still have Nitro, but the payment can’t be declined, and the platform won’t revoke access.

Therefore, Discord will not consider your account for banning.

If you have set up multiple accounts, you need to remove/deactivate all of your additional accounts so that your IP address isn’t marked for banning.


OK, you’ve made it out of the woods; you’ve managed to get a few free months of Discord Nitro, and your account is still active while you’ve retained access to Discord Nitro (for now, at least).

But there’s no telling what Discord will do in the future to discourage this behavior.

The sad reality is that whatever action they take will affect the entire Discord community to some extent or another, and you may still be facing a permanent ban.

There is a lesson to be learned from this.

Online credit card fraud and working around loopholes aren’t worth it.

Do not fall for “tricks” to work around paying a fee on your Discord Nitro subscription, and certainly don’t do so through multiple accounts.

You will be jeopardizing your and other users’ experience, and it isn’t worth it. Either cough up the $9.99/month fee or continue using Discord’s free services.




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